Raleigh Convention Center | November 1 - November 3, 2013
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Frequently ASked Questions

What is WOAS?

WOAS is the acronym for World of Art Showcase. The World of Art Showcase is an organization that's main mission is to enhance the careers of today's artists. WOAS develops art shows that go beyond just exhibiting artwork and highlights the artist – the reason the artwork exists. Through special programs throughout the art show exhibiting artists have opportunities to connect with the audience, network with collectors and other artists, sell their artwork and expose their careers on national and international levels. The public in attendance will be awestruck by the high quality of artwork at the show and by having direct access to the artists who created it. Through attending the show the audience will be able to attend receptions, artist lectures, panel discussions, live art presentations and much more.

When and where is this year's WOAS?

This year The World of Art Showcase will present WOAS RALEIGH 2013 at the Raleigh Convention center in Exhibit Hall A. The show will be held from 11am to 10pm on Friday, November 1st, 11am to 6pm on Saturday, November 2nd and Sunday, November 3rd. There will be a Masquerade VIP opening reception on October 31st, 2013 from 6pm to 10pm.

What is the Masquerade VIP Opening Reception and how do I attend?

This event will be a celebration of the launch of the WOAS RALEIGH 2013. There will be fine food, live music, live art presentations, wine, beer and cocktails. Everyone in attendance will be sure to have an amazing experience. Due to the extravagance of this event tickets are sold separately and are available for the public's purchase online at www.WorldofArtShowcase.com/attend. A portion of the proceeds from this event will be donated to a local charity. In order to attend you must be 21 and older and have proof of ID at the door. The Reception will be held at the Raleigh Convention Center in Exhibit Hall A, the location of WOAS RALEIGH 2013. To purchase tickets please visit the above link.

How do I attend/buy tickets?

Tickets are available online and at the show. There is a 3 day pass and single day passes available for purchase which includes adult and student passes. Children under 12 are permitted for free. Enjoy access to the daily scheduled artist talks and demos, collector's discussions, tours and marketplace lectures. This ticket provides direct access to the exhibiting artists, their artwork, as well as, any scheduled receptions or live performances. To buy tickets now: http://www.worldofartshowcase.com/attend.html

How does one apply for WOAS?

Once an artist or gallery has filled out and assembled all the required application materials, determined between the artist or gallery booth package and paid the application fee then the application is complete and can be submitted. Application requirements can be found at:Click here >

How do I apply to be an exhibiting artist at WOAS?

First you must download and complete the official application here: http://worldofartshowcase.com/2013/WOAS-Artist-App-2013-Raleigh.pdf
Once you have completed and complied your application you may upload it here: http://www.worldofartshowcase.com/how-to-apply.html
After you submitted your application you must pay the application fee of $25.00 USD here: https://simplecheckout.authorize.net/payment/CatalogPayment.aspx
Applications may also be submitted via email to: Apply@worldofartshowcase.com
Applications submitted by this method must have all required materials attached. Images may be sent through yousendit or dropbox.

We also accept the APPLICATION FORM AND PAYMENT ONLY through ground mail at:
World of Art Showcase
P.O.Box 58638J
Raleigh, NC 27658-8638

How does one submit an application for WOAS?

The application fee of $25.00 PER ARTIST must be paid before the application is considered for review. You may pay the application fee online at How To Apply. You can also process payment by providing your credit card information in the payment method of the official application.
Applications may be uploaded and submitted online at: Submit Application Online
Applications may also be submitted via email to: Apply@worldofartshowcase.com
Applications submitted by this method must have all required materials attached. Images may be sent through yousendit or dropbox.

We also accept the APPLICATION FORM AND PAYMENT ONLY through ground mail at:
World of Art Showcase
P.O.Box 58638J
Raleigh, NC 27658-8638

Can I submit my required application materials through ground mail?

No, WOAS requires that the supplemented application materials be submitted digitally. However if the applicant wishes to send the application form and payment through ground mail they can. Their application will not be complete until the supplemented materials are sent digitally via online upload or email.

Can I apply for more than one booth?

Yes, to apply for more than one booth you must let WOAS know via email your intention on acquiring more than one space. We will then make a note on your application file and consider your request upon the number of applicants. You will be notified if your request is granted upon your acceptance letter.

How will I know when my application has been received and is ready for review?

When WOAS has received all the application form, required application materials and payment the applicant will be notified via email that their application has been received and is awaiting review.

How is the application reviewed?

A panel of curators, gallery owners, critics and art professionals will jury all complete applications after the application deadline date of June 1st. This process is designed to give the show versatile artwork of the highest caliber. The jury panel will be announced closer to the deadline date. All of the accepted, waitlisted and rejected applicants will be notified after the panel review no later than June 14th.

What kind of artwork can I bring to WOAS?

Only original artwork will be able to be hung on the walls, however prints of both signed and unsigned editions will be able to be sold from print racks located in your booth (print racks are the responsibility of the artist/gallery).

Will I be able to show work that I did not submit in my application?

Yes, WOAS encourages you to bring as much work as you would like. The work that you submitted in your application should represent the best of your complete body of work and those pieces will be used for media purposes. WOAS will not limit the amount of work you bring, but you will be responsible for storing it off site of the exhibition hall. You may arrange with the WOAS office for a place to store your work if you feel you will not be able to find accommodations. However, WOAS will not be responsible for any damaged, lost or stolen work.

If I am a gallery does the artists I am representing need to be at the show?

Yes and no, WOAS encourages that the artist be at the event to contribute to the morals of the show. WOAS is a celebration of the artist and our primary goal is to create connections between the artist and the community. However, WOAS will make an exception if the artist is unable to attend because they are from another country or physically unable to make it.

How will I be able to get my artwork to the show?

Direct deliveries by vehicle to the Convention center will occur on the set up day of Oct 30th through the Convention Center's indoor receiving bays. Exhibitors who wish to ship their artwork before the installation date are required to arrange their shipments with an art handling or shipping company. In special cases, if an exhibitor wishes to mail the work prior to the installation date and would like WOAS to store it for them will have to make arrangements with the WOAS office (additional fees will apply). We will provide a recommended shipping company for your convenience.

Can I hang my own work?

Yes, all exhibitors are responsible for hanging their own work. WOAS will offer a hanging service for exhibitors who would like assistance but fees will apply. WOAS will supply hanging service information for exhibitors who would like to opt in for this service.

Will there be more shows in Raleigh?

WOAS is proud to announce that there will be more shows in Raleigh. This year's show will mark the first World of Art Showcase in Raleigh. WOAS understands that it is important for artists to develop lasting connections and make life-long collectors in particular regions. The World of Art Showcase will expand to other cities around America in the future but will always have and annual WOAS RALEIGH.

Why is there a booth cost?

In order to make WOAS RALEIGH happen we need to outsource the booths that are used to exhibit the artwork. WOAS covers much more of the booth cost than what the exhibitors pay in order to make it affordable for artists at all points in their careers. In order to contribute to the success of WOAS and its artists we ask for a commission to compensate for some of the overall cost. However, for exhibitors who wish to avoid the commission we have a package that covers the full price of the booth in addition to other fees and accommodations. The purpose for WOAS is to aid in the success of artists' careers and offer a wide range of exposure.

Is there a payment plan?

We have an easy and affordable payment solution for exhibitors. Upon acceptance exhibitors will be required to pay the deposit of half of the booth package cost. For instance, if you are applying for the artist booth package you will be asked to pay $350.00 by July 15th and then the remaining balance of $350.00+tax by August 2nd. If an exhibitor wishes to spread out the payments they will be able to make smaller payments over the course of the payment schedule. In special cases exhibitors may ask for an extension to spread out the payments for a longer period of time. We do offer this option if it is absolutely necessary. These arrangements must be made with the WOAS office upon notice of acceptance.