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Professional Artist Uzbekistan Jewelers

Akhrorov Bobir Sobirovich

Akhrorov Bobir Sobirovich was born in September 27, 1988. He is a jeweler. This craft has been passed to him from his Father. Here, in Central Asia, crafts are part of our life. It's difficult to find a person without a craft. He has chosen this art, because his father has been a famous jeweler, and jeweler is very important craft in the life of Asians, especially among the women. He has his own workshop in the center of Old City, Bukhara, and he has gained a lot from his father. Only fathers can teach their own children the secrets of any craft. This is their family business, and in future he is planning to have a lovely son who will continue his job and show this craft to the World.

Ergashev Gafur Rashidovich

Ergashev Gafur Rashidovich was born in August 6, 1991. He is a jeweler. He has started to be busy with this craft, when he was 12, because he lives in the family of craftsmen. He gained the honor to be a member of "Bukhara Artisan Development Center". He works with gold and silver, and he has a small workshop in the Old Trading Dome from 16th century, ad he shows his skills to the tourists and sells the masterpiece to Worldwide. Jewelry has been a part of Asians' life, and this craft has been considered as a Royal Art. He has been participated in many International Art Shows, and showed the tradition and culture of our nations.

Rakhmanov Mamur Marufovich

Rakhmanov Mamur Marufovich was born in March 16, 1986. He has been living in Bukhara city, Uzbekistan. He has a family, two kids. He has been interested in jewelry since his childhood. After having finished the school, he started to be engaged in jewelry craft more seriously. He became a member of "Bukhara Development Artisan Center" and contributed much on the development of the almost lost craft. He has renewed the style of Bukhara jewelry and copied much jewelry from catalogs in Museum Archives. He has a small shop in an Ancient Trading Dome from 16th century, and he is proud of showing his skills to all visitors from all around the world. He loves his job and he dedicates his life to his job. This is his family business, because the craft has been passed to him from his ancestors. He is The Keeper, and his next generation, precisely his son will be the Next Keeper....

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