Raleigh Convention Center | November 1 - November 3, 2013
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Professional Artist Kiki Farish

kiki farish
(919) 747-9353
2824 Wycliff Road, Raleigh, NC 27607

Artist Statement

My current work deals with visual/verbal communication systems. The work incorporates stenciled words and organic imagery with graphite on board, drawn and erased in layers. These images attempt to record verisimilitude in regards to my landscape. My visual vocabulary is simply complex: graphite on claybord, shallow space where spatial ambiguity often occurs. The conceptual aspect of words; tools of irony, humor and metaphor offers a layer of disrupt.

Drawings express an awareness of the passage of time through layers of additive and subtractive marks. Complexity is built with organic images fused together with text to suggest subtle comments on social matters. Drawing in an observation mode from life dismisses the pressure to hurry and diminish the significance of connection. The words and images inform but do not define meaning. In my drawing process, I stand back and see the work as a whole, and then come in to study the details. The drawing process inspires movement and a compressed synopsis of life cycles. I play with meaning as proximity and readability shifts by varying distances from the work. For me, my work is anything but still, quiet, or frozen.

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