Raleigh Convention Center | November 1 - November 3, 2013
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Professional Artist Daria Bagrintseva

My paintings are a reflection of my feelings and emotions. I do not have to look for an idea, when I start a new artwork. Some pre-image already exists in my head. It originates from my life experience or a dream. Sometimes I have a strange feeling that something outside me is interested in my works to happen, and it brings in some unexpected subjects and visions into my mind, which I cannot get rid of other than to paint them down on canvas. For example, the subject of “From Under the Table” painting was suggested by a strange dream: as if I was sitting, down to the size of a kitten under a table. There was a candle and a bouquet of yellow roses on the table. And huge size-of-a-skyscraper shadows moved along the wall. It was, altogether, not scary at all. On the contrary, it was fascinating what was happening. The next day I started doing that painting.

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