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Professional Artist Alexandre Monntoya

For me painting is a language, a way of expression, the immediate result of a constant internal search a bustling world that speaks silently.

From the moment I started painting I've walked by several landscapes of color, at first I spoke with the colorful tropical climate typical of my country, then plunged into the chaos of not knowing where to go, I entered the world of gray, and from that base have been shaping and warmth to the colors and shapes that I teach today.

It is always my intention to paint to capture a moment naturally, sensual, sweet, and that the observer is identified in sensation, memory and feeling at that moment.

On a personal concept look also the union of two energies, opposite two forces of good and evil, light and darkness are in communion balance, balance that leads to forms and spaces , thus allowing the everyday recreate the beautiful moment.

Alexandre Monntoya born January 16, 1974 in Roldanillo (Valle) Colombia.
The basic concepts of the learning perspective in school INEM city of Pereira where he graduated with a Bachelor of Industrial.
In 1994 he opened a small gallery in the city of Cali and start to get more involved in the drawing to be more in touch with the artists of the area. Every day feels more motivated to paint "says" because he knows he has easily with brush and because his heart swells with joy and peace when in contact every night with paint.
Take part in some exhibitions and 24 years in a competition won first prize for painting Vallecaucano young talent.
In 2001 decided to close his gallery in Colombia and come to Spain to grow as an artist.
Going through difficult times and the passing of the days is aware of everything that has to evolve and change to do so make history as is his desire to be one of the greatest painters of today.

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