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Professional Artist Vincent Golshani

Vincent's journey started when his parents meet over fifty years ago. They had and still have a very strong and unwavering love for one another that was passed onto their children. Vincent and his siblings were raised in a loving home and given the best of everything. As a child Vincent would sit in his father's library and look through all the beautiful books his father had acquired and desperately wanted to create something of equal beauty. His mother noticed this interest for art and beauty and encouraged him to develop his passions. She provided him with all the materials that he needed to develop his talent.

Vincent would eventually go to school in London which was the springboard for his travels around the world. Living and working in so many lands caused Vincent to see life from many different perspectives. Throughout his travels to here and there Vincent would open his own galleries to showcase his love of painting. Painting is, and has always been, a way to express his emotions.

It has been many, many years since Vincent began selling his work and with each passing year he continues to be amazed by the flow of people in and out of his galleries. Vincent's entire collection of paintings reflect the greatest journey of all, everyday life. Vincent says it is a tremendous honor that people react to his paintings in the way they do. Vincent finds encouragement and inspiration in the kind words and love of his collectors and the complete strangers that walk through his gallery. Because of his broad spectrum of work Vincent can find his paintings throughout the world. It makes him very proud that so many people from so many cultures enjoy his work. He says it is a privilege to be a part of his collectors' life and hanging in their most treasured spaces.

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