Raleigh Convention Center | November 1 - November 3, 2013
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The World of Art Showcase[WOAS] is an international art show dedicated to providing professional and emerging artists the opportunity to connect with their market. Through inspirational exhibitions of talented artists, WOAS serves the community engaging forums where artists and attendees can come together and discover more about fine arts and the art market.


The inception of the World of Art Showcase came from a desire to redefine the role art plays in our society; to get back to the grassroots of what art stands for and to revolutionize the way the Art Market functions. By bringing the artist to the forefront, WOAS gives the artist the opportunity to control the way their art is exposed to art collectors, gallery owners, prospective buyers and lovers of art. In this way WOAS brings the audience directly to the artist and creates a place where the average American home can have access to some of the highest quality art today.

WOAS Story

The World of Art Showcase came to life in 2012 debuting at the Wynn Las Vegas. This event marked the first of many and brought together highly talented artists for what became much more than a simple art show. Underneath the exhibition grew a camaraderie between the artists and the attendees that made WOAS what it is today. Not just an International Fine Art Show, but a forum where artists and attendees can meet and discover more about fine arts and the art market. It is a place where the attendees can get to know the reason a great piece of artwork exists and the artists can learn the thoughts of their viewers.

WOAS Forums

Recognizing the inspiring qualities of camaraderie and artistic growth, WOAS RALEIGH 2013 was designed to showcase not only the artists and their artwork, but also the community that is created during the event. WOAS RALEIGH will present a series of engaging marketplace panels and lectures that exhibitors, artists and attendees can participate in and learn from one another. There are opportunities for the exhibitors to engage with the local community, creating strong bonds that will continue to grow long after the duration of WOAS. Each year WOAS grows, artists and the contemporary art market will grow and expand - returning it to its rightful place in society.